Ford Mondeo Introducing the Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo



The Ford Mondeo has been one of the most popular family cars due to its dynamic exterior and sleek design. On the inside, the Mondeo is one of the most spacious models out there as it offers extra room for the leg, elbow and head. To match the visual of the vehicle, Ford has also ensured the best technology is used in the vehicle, such as Ford Dynamic LED headlamps, which follow the path as you steer giving you better safety and visibility and adapt the lighting behaviour depending on the conditions and the speed you are driving at.

A more sophisticated way to drive.

The Ford Mondeo is packed with advanced technologies designed to make your life easier. Some systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go and Lane Keeping System, continuously monitor and respond to changes in road conditions, traffic and your driving. Other useful features, including Hill Start Assist and Active Park Assist help deliver a stress-free, more refined driving experience.

The power you want and the efficiency you need.

The Ford Mondeo is available with a range of powerful and fuel-efficient engines, complemented by 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions. Choose from a Hybrid engine, advanced petrol or diesel, all of which deliver the power you want, and the efficiency you need.