Ford Pass, the app that amplifies your ownership experience.

The Ford Pass app allows you to find fuel stations, service points, parking locations. Also give you the power to get vehicle health alerts straight to your smart phone.

You can also use it to keep up to date with your Ford Credit information, like when the next payment is due and your current settlement figure.

It all starts with a VIN .....

Watch the video to learn how to add your vehicle to your Ford Pass app.

It's quick and easy!

Connect and Control

Now that your car is linked to the Ford Pass App, this will allow you to control certain aspects of your car. For example unlocking and locking, check fuel and fluid levels and even remote start your car*.

*This feature is only available with new vehicles that have Ford Pass Connect enabled.

Everyday Usage

You can also get vehicle health alerts and see the service history of your car, straight from your phone.

The Ford Pass app will also allow you to find fuel stations and parking areas in your local area. It will even show you the price!

Using Ford Pay you can store cards and make quick payments on the go.