Motoring Is Changing

The conventional Petrol and Diesel options that we all know and love are changing. All though the switch to Hybrid & Electric can be daunting and it seems like a lot to learn, it can be easily categorised into these options :

As we have become more aware of our carbon footprint, car manufacturers have been inventing ways to reduce it. For example, driving cars that don't run on large amounts of fossil fuels.

There are four different types of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, and depending on your personal requirements, will depend on the best option. The are listed as followed :

The Ford range has all 4 of the different types of Hybrid & Electric options, for example :

Mild Hybrid : Ford Puma

A new age of cleaner hybrid electric vehicles is here. Ford Puma offers a choice of advanced new EcoBoost Hybrid options. Delivering impressive fuel economy and noticeably lower CO2 emissions than other non-hybrid engines, and all with no compromise to its outstanding, fun to drive performance. In a further step forward, an advanced seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission (DCT) option offers a smooth, seamless, less demanding drive particularly in stop-start city traffic.

Hybrid : Ford Kuga

The New Ford Kuga Hybrid has two sources of power: a conventional fuel engine and a battery-driven, electric motor. The system automatically switches between the powertrains, or uses a combination of both, to deliver a perfect blend of power and efficiency. And to make the whole system even more efficient, regenerative braking captures up to 90% of the energy normally lost through friction brakes, then recycles it to recharge the high-voltage battery.

Plug-In Hybrid : Ford Kuga

The New Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid you can Plug In. Charge up. Improve Efficiency. Plug-in Hybrids have the two sources of power like a Hybrid, but with a larger high voltage battery, enabling you to drive longer distances on All-Electric power

All Electric : Ford Mach-E